7 de marzo de 2008

Pj Harvey: Interview + My beautiful Leah

Did you see her walking?
Did she come around here, Sir?
Black hair, brown eyes
My beautiful Leah
She was always so needing
Said, "I have no-one"
Even as I held her
She went out looking for someone
She only had nightmares,
And her sadness never lifted
And slowly over the years
Her lovely face twisted
Did she come around here, Sir?
I swear you would remember
Black hair, Brown eyes
Late September
It never leaves my mind
The last words she said
"If I don't find it this time,
Then I'm better off dead".

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  1. bueno creo q tu peticion simple ha sido atendida. me cree un blog unicamente para vomitar mis impresiones sobre tu rincon discursivo e inqietante.

    un beso